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October 2009 – The fish have been eaten, the registration forms have been completed, the winners have been chosen, and the prizes are being delivered.

That’s right, 30 lucky people who participated in King Oscar’s recent online Mackerel Contest have won new Nike + iPod Sport Kits. Running from early September to early October on,,,, and, King Oscar’s special Mackerel Contest gave participants a chance to learn more about healthy eating – and a shot at taking home their own “personal trainer.”

Don’t see your name on the list below? Look for our next promotion! In the meanwhile, thanks to all those who participated this time and congratulations to the winners.

Siri A. Foyn, Husøysund
Therese Nordhus Lien, Oslo
Laila Jernberg, Egersund
Kjersti Bakken, Engerdal
Cathrine Berentsen, Oslo
Rita Iren Helgeland, Tau
Gert Terje Bøe, Ask
Ida Kjelland, Sokna
Julianna Falkensteen, Hovin
Gro Narevik, Aksdal
Kjell Knævelsrud, Hundvåg
Gro Kåsmoli, Moss
Eli Persson, Egersund
Janne Veirud, Oslo
Helge-Andre Moseby, Furnes
Amalie Rønnestad, Paradis
Erzsebet Biro, Heimdal
Jeanette Hauge, Indre Arna
Merete Gussiås, Oslo
Gisle Brensdal, Snarøya
Ann Karin Borge Ski, Drammen
Sandra Skarshauge Reitan, Titran
Kristin Trøsberget, Hafslundsøy
Marit Sølvi Toppe, Gaupne
Sylvi Vasvik, Sandefjord
Funda Uygun, Lindås
Charlotte Schytte, Kjøllefjord
Svein Larsen, Salhus
Ida Haugen, Gimse
Elin Westvik, Harstad